Nutrition Coaching

Establishing Proper Eating Habits With a Nutrition Coach

Fad diets are not typically associated with long-term success because most participants do not establish a lifelong change in behavior. Whether your goal is losing weight, enhancing performance, or improving your health, working with a nutrition coach will help you create lifelong changes in eating habits.Nutrition Coach

We offer common sense nutrition programming and coaching that is sustainable for anyone.

Our program provides you with easy to understand, yet scientifically based nutrition education.  We provide support and expect accountability in order to enhance your chances at success.

We offer Diet / Nutrition coaching and advice during personal training sessions to all of our clients.

Nutrition Coaching Program:

Our rate of $100 per month/individual includes:

  • A three-day dietary analysis
  • Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions (in person or via phone)
  • Unlimited e-mail access with Nutrition Coach
  • Easy to follow food tracking program
  • An eight-week follow-up dietary analysis