Over-complicated ‘Core Training’ Is Making Athletes Worse

Core Training

Over-complicated 'Core Training' Is Making Athletes Worse With the rise of social media and the increasing use of the term "functional," and "core training" - those terms meanings are now broader than ever. Search Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and you'll find literally thousands of different moves being termed as core exercises. With so many options at your disposal, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Especially since everyone online is an expert, and everything online is also true, right?(Sarcasm). Keep in...

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Not Getting Faster? Your ‘Speed Training’ May Be Conditioning Training

Speed Training

Not Getting Faster? Your 'Speed Training' Might Actually Be Conditioning Training Well, if this is the case and your speed training workouts are actually conditioning workouts all I can say for you is that you are doing it wrong. A typical "speed workout" I do myself or take an athlete through requires a lot of rest to allow he/she/them to be able to max out at or above 95% (sprint at full speed) for each of the reps. Unfortunately, at...

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Body Weight Exercises

Body Weight Exercises

Body Weight Exercises & Body Weight Workouts I love to train with my own body weight. Body weight workouts and body weight exercises are great on their own or mixed in with others. There are just so many ways to progress exercises without even worrying about external weights. I understand that not everyone feels that way. Many people love lifting weights, whether free weights or on machines and I totally get it! But as someone who coaches people day in and...

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More Evidence Exercise Is Good For Your Mood

exercise is good for mental health

More Evidence Exercise Is Good For Your Mood Those of us who exercise or workout on a regular basis already know this and dont need a study to tell us that exercise is good for our mood. However, another study suggests that people who exercise regularly may experience symptoms of mental health disorders less often. To that I say "no kidding" but if you need some evidence, here it is. Read on! Here Are The Facts The study at The Lancet Psychiatry...

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How Much HIIT Is Enough?


Is 30 Minutes Of High - Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Once a Week Really Enough? My answer is: YES, if you are working out several times a week, doing HIIT one of those times is a good thing. Is once a week enough? In my opinion, the answer is again YES. Doing HIIT more than once a week regularly is actually unnecessary, in my opinion. One should not need to perform regular HIIT to achieve the benefits. What Is HIIT?...

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Do I Need Protein Immediately Post-Workout or You Won’t Build Muscle


Myth or Fact? You Need Protein Immediately Post-Workout or You Won't Build Muscle If you go online and look into this you will find a lot of different answers. Most will tell you that you do need protein immediately after a workout. In fact, some spots on the interned will lead you to believe that if you workout and don't get your protein ASAP after a workout your whole workout is shot, your whole day is shot, and you might...

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What Time Should You Workout?


What Time Should You Workout Each Day? Consider the pros and cons to a morning, afternoon, and evening workout before determining the best time for you. Lets take a look at those when figuring out what time you should exercise each day. Something to remember is that: as long as you're getting 'it' in its always better than not getting 'it' in. It's important to remember, that the key to getting on the right track to better health and fitness...

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The TB12 Method

TB12 Method

Learning New Techniques: The TB12 Method Sometimes you have to sharpen your skills. I have been a personal trainer now for 16 + Years. Learning New Techniques to sharpen my skills in the past has sometimes left me feeling like I am learning a new gimmick or false fact - or at best something most people are not going to do or need. This past week I had the privilege to go to Foxborough, MA to TB12 Sports and learn...

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Get The Best Out Of Your Workout: Part 1 Stretching


Get The Best Out Of Your Workout: Part 1 - Stretching I understand we all want to Get The Best Out of Exercise. Lets face it, sometimes that can be tricky! Conflicting theories on how to maximize your workouts would stretch anyone to the limit. Here is some information on stretching and whether you should be doing it as part of your Warm - Up. Should I Do Stretching As Part Of My Warm-Up? Many people perform stretches before running...

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DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness


Muscle Soreness and DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness How to Deal When Post-Workout Muscle Soreness Is Actually Really Painful. These five tips might help ease your misery. The ultimate paradox of exercise is that muscles get stronger by breaking down first - the rebuilding process after a workout is where the real magic happens. Sometimes, that can leave your muscles feeling sore, which is totally normal. But there's normal sore, and then there's too sore. DOMS usually peaks 48 to 72 hours...

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